Romance, Young Adult

PWNED by Matt Vancil

Reid is getting ready to propose to Astrid, his stunning girlfriend. But she will barely even look up from her game, Fartherall Online, and doesn’t even remember their anniversary. Then Reid gets very drunk and does something stupid to try and get her attention that causes her Guild to lose a raid they have been planning and working on all month. When he wakes up again the next morning she’s just gone. He does the only thing he can think of. He makes an account in Fartherall Online to try to find her. In the game his name is Noob, and he sure lives up to it. He makes friends and enemies and an admin promises to find Astrid’s info for him if he can complete an impossible Quest. So he gets to work…

This is a really gripping book, The adventures are epic video game level and the characters are incredibly human. I loved it, I found it because Matt vancil created two of my favorite shows JouneyQuest and The Gamers. I was ecstatic, but not surprised, to discover that his stories are just as amazing without actors to translate them. Seriously, I’m writing this at work and I’m glad it’s a slow day because I was up until 3:30 a.m. unable to put it down.


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