Science Fiction

A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold

Ekaterine and Miles return to Barrayar. Ekaterine hopes to return to school and stays with her aunt and uncle the professors. Miles is terrified that he is going to lose her so he hires her to make a garden for him. Mark and Kareen return from Beta Colony and Kareen discovers that her newfound adulthood doesn’t fit properly at home. Mark’s new enterprise with what he calls Butterbugs has some difficulty gaining traction and Mark has all his assets tied up in Investments. Ivan is having trouble getting a date to anything, a state of affairs he isn’t used to. Gregor’s wedding is coming up and two seats on the council accounts are up for grabs. All the plans and complications come together into a big spectacular mess. I love it! This book also has my all time favorite proposal scene in it (the second one not the first!)


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