Cowboy Pride by Lacy Williams

So this is Pride and Prejudice, as a western. I enjoyed it, it was funny and light. Sometimes the dialogue was almost exactly out of Pride and Prejudice, like when Lydia and Kitty say that Bingley should throw a ball, (although in this one the ball is a barn-raising instead.) And some things get changed around, like Collins is not their cousin and he’s already married to Charlotte who is pregnant. So it skips that bit of subplot but it means that when the baby is born they have a reason to ask Liza to come help with their store, (instead of Lizzie visiting because of her class- women would routinely do long social visits.) Different times / settings call for different motives.
One of the things this book does differently is that it follows all the main characters and not just Elizabeth, instead of just hearing what happened with them secondhand later. So you get to see Darcy talk to Bingley about Bingley not thinking Jane was interested, and hear his thoughts as Darcy’s falling for Liza. Also the confrontation with Wickham is something you actually get to see (which, incidentally, the book also addresses some of the problems with.) Overall I like that choice, but it wasn’t always perfect.
I won’t claim this book is amazing literature, but it is really enjoyable, especially if you know the original book pretty well.


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