Fantasy, Young Adult

Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

A fan of Studio Ghibli and more specifically the work of Hayao Miyazaki, I picked this up purely out of deep respect for the film adaptation so many have come to love. What I wasn’t expecting was to become so enthralled in the life of Sophie Hatter that I would laugh out loud, cry, and dream as she experienced the fear of a great looming castle, the wizard who ate young girls hearts that called it home, and her kindred relationship with a demon that amounted to so much more on page than just “may all your bacon burn”. All of this amounted to a brilliant and unique coming of age story set in a fantastical world with such ties to reality that even the most skeptical reader could find a foothold.
It’s not often I find a book I would recommend to all but this is one. Now off to scavenge up some copies to pass off on unsuspecting friends and family. As for you I highly recommend you head over to the library and pick up a copy, it’s a quick and fun read that will stay in your heart even if “a heart is a heavy burden”.


1 thought on “Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones”

  1. Love Miyazaki and made sure the Library had most if not all of the Studio Ghibli titles. Years ago I was surprised to find out that Wynne Jones (whom I had read to my kids for years) was the author of Howl’s! Leslie


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