Maplecroft by Cherie Priest

Lizzie Borden had to kill her parents because their very souls were being devoured by something that comes up out of the depths of the ocean. A nameless horrific evil that she, and she alone is trying to stop. Well her sister Emma is helping too and so is the doctor from town. They understand very little and yet they must try. They cannot explain the malady afflicting the town but deaths and other symptoms continue to grow in the populace.
This was an okay book. It was easy to keep reading so that was a plus. It wasn’t riveting but it was enjoyable enough not to make my stomach sink when I had to go back to reading it. (I read this with a few of my friends so we can all talk about it at the end of the month). Unfortunately it is snail paced, nothing really happens until about a third of the way through the book. I think it’s trying build suspense but it fails for me. This isn’t helped by everything getting repeated over and over. Sometimes by different characters, I guess to show another point of view. Except that all the characters have the same “voice” and it’s all the old timey, pretentious one that makes you want to strangle someone. Even the characters who are supposed to be lower class say things like “I must trust that it proves sufficient to appease the adjusters, or whoever leans upon you.” And all the characters are supposed to be writing this in journals or letters or however so there’s an extra layer of disconnect from the story.


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