Juvenile Fiction, Young Adult

The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart

This book won the 2018 Sasquatch Award for WA State and I just finally got around to reading it. And I LOVED it!! And I LOVE that as a kids’ choice award, so did the majority of 4-6th graders in the state of WA! This story is about a young boy, Mark, and his dog Beau. Mark is sick and recently his cancer has recurred. But Mark has a dream of climbing Mt. Rainier, so off he goes with his dog, camera and notebook. He journeys from eastern WA, taking photos and writing haiku along the way (love this kid). He has a plan and despite numerous obstacles he pushes on against the odds. I found myself just wanting to reach out and give Mark and Beau a big hug. The relationship Mark has with his dog is beyond precious and Beau, like all loyal canine companions is amazing in his loyalty to Mark. There is plenty of action in this wonderful story and I can see why our WA kids love it (as much as I did)!


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