Graphic Novel, Young Adult

Coraline: the graphic novel adaption by Neil Gaiman

This is the graphic novel version of Coraline. I’ve been meaning to read it for a long time although my plans were for the novel, but the summer reading Bingo cards had “graphic novel” and then I saw it on the shelf so I went for it. And it is really good! I sat on a bench out in the park and read it all the way through in the sunshine. I don’t know how much is different, but it keeps all the notable lines that my friend has quoted at me repeatedly.
The story goes like this, Coraline is bored and ignored and takes to exploring the area around her new home. When rain traps her inside she explores the flat and finds a door that doesn’t go anywhere. Until it does. When she goes through she finds a flat just like her own and two parents that look like her parents except they have big black buttons instead of eyes. They called themselves the other mother and other father, they give her attention and good food, and then they ask her to stay, with one requirement. That she let them sew buttons in her eyes. When she turns them down and returns to her own home her parents are gone and now she has to figure out how to save them.
Great book, well translated into a graphic novel. It keeps Neil Gaiman’s flair for words and introduces the adapter/illustrators flair for art.


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