Science Fiction

Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold

After the events of Borders of Infinity, the Dendarii mercenaries escaped to Earth under the command of a man whose father has history with his own. The two butt heads over Miles’ is lack of subordination and Miles’ needs to keep the Dendarii mercenaries financially afloat. On top of this, Impsec HQ doesn’t seem to be responding to Miles’ is desperate plea for money. When they receive a contract for Admiral Naismith to kidnap Lieutenant Vorkosigan, Miles lets himself fall into a trap. Replaced by his clone and interrogated, Miles keeps hearing his mother’s voice when he gets home asking him, “what have you done with your baby brother?”

This is the book where we meet Mark, one of my personal favorite characters for all his damage. As always I think everyone should read this and all other books by Bujold!


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