Short Stories

Assorted Online Short Stories by Andy Weir


The Egg: Existential short story about an idea that I remember getting laughed at and dismissed for in high school, but which is a logical next step. It’s a conversation about reincarnation in that every single person is the same person reincarnated. It’s very well done in a conversation with god style.

The Chef: A woman wakes up in a hospital, and a doctor talks to her trying to help her remember. I had to read it through again once it twisted at the end.

Access: I loved this! It has the best superpower.

Annie’s Day: a little slice of life that goes from okay to woah, to yikes, to oooh I get it!

The Real Deal: Bittersweet story about a conversation with an old man with alzheimer’s.

Bored World: Man wakes up in a strange place, a bored place, and makes a deal to leave. I love the reference at the end that I wont spoilers.

The Midtown Butcher: Best twist ever!

Antihypoxiant: Science heavy backstory to zombies. I like it.

Meeting Sarah: So clever! So sweet!

Rat: Great short story set in a world that makes perfect sense if you have ever played anything like D&D.

Twarrior: AI learns how to speak from gamers and then returns to its maker.

These are all great! It’s hard to talk about them in too much detail since they mostly have a sharp twist at the end. They can all be found on his website.



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