Short Stories

Almost, Maine by John Cariani

This play is a series of short scenes about various couples in Almost, Maine, dealing with relationships. And each scene/story takes something metaphorical and makes it literal somehow. Like the one were Glory’s heart is broken. Literally it turned to slate and broke into a whole bunch of pieces and a man East falls in love with her and takes it to fix because he is a repair man. There’s another were a couple who have been married for a while but things aren’t going well. One of them cannot find her shoe which is the catalyst to them finally expressing their issues with each other, they ask why they are lonely and why they are still together, and then the shoe drops. It drops out of the sky. There’s one where a couple of best friends realize they are in love with each other, and once they realize that they fell in love every time they make eye contact they fall down. (There are actually two versions of this one, one for two men one for two women.) It’s a really cute play.


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