Young Adult

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley


A beautiful, lyrical novel of loss, love, friendships, and the healing power of words. Rachel’s younger brother has died in a tragic accident and she and her mother are struggling to put their forever-altered lives back together. This book grabbed me from the very first paragraph and never let me go — devoured it in one huge gulp. Although dealing with tricky subjects such as grief, first loves, and the challenges life will surely bring to all of us, it is an uplifting but in no way saccharine read. Lovingly written and a wonderful paean to the healing power of books. Highly recommended cross-over read.


3 thoughts on “Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley”

  1. A+ for the uncommon word that I recognized! Quick question, what’s it a cross-over with? (unless I misunderstood that bit)


  2. I second this review and highly recommend this book!! If you like books about books and bookstores…read this one! Most books I read get rated 4/5 (as I’m pretty stingy with the stars, unless a book really grabs me)…but this one earned the coveted 5/5 rating, and deserves it!!


  3. Cross-over means a book has wider appeal than its intended audience. This book’s intended audience is teen/young adult but I think it is so good and so well-written that it will “cross-over” to older, adult readers as well.


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