Fantasy, Young Adult

Cress by Marissa Meyer


In the third book of the Lunar Chronicles (based on Rapunzel), Cinder makes contact once more with Cress (the girl who warned her in the first book about Levana’s plan to kill Kai.) Cress is a teenage lunar shell trapped for the last seven years in a satellite where she has been forced to be Queen Levan’s top hacker. She defaults to the other side but gets caught. In the ensuing fight Cress and Thorne crashland on earth blinding him, and Scarlet gets captured and taken to Luna. Cinder goes to africa to meet up with Dr. Erland thinking she has gotten her friends killed, while Cress and Thorne begin walking across the Sahara doing their best not to die.
I love the way the fairytales continue to weave their way into the larger sci-fi setting. Meyers makes it seem almost effortless!


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