The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks


I loved this book, sad when I finished it. This is Rebanks first book and I for one hope there are more in the future. It is his life story as a shepherd in the far northwest of England, in the Lake District. His family has farmed this land for at least ten centuries. “It is a peopled landscape, with every acre of it defined by the actions of men and women over the past ten thousand years.” It is a small community about eight hundred square miles of fields, mountains, woods, dykes, quarries, roads and drains.
It is in this land that time has forgot that the Herdwick sheep are found.They have adapted to live on some of the rockiest and most unforgiving mountain terrain in Britain.
The memoir takes you through a sherpherd’s year, of care of the farm herds, land and enduring people of special place.


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