Juvenile Fiction, Mystery

Masterminds Series 1, 2 and 3 by Gordon Korman


The first book in this trilogy is a 2018 Washington State Sasquatch Award nominee. I read it as part of the Library’s Book Talks at FHES about the 2018 Sasquatch Award nominees and I loved it. The story begins in Serenity, NM where everything is perfect, or is it? Our 4 main characters are 12 and 13 years old and inquisitive about life in Serenity. Why is there only one business, a traffic cone manufacturing plant, and look, the trucks driving around the town keep carrying the same cones day and day. As the kids delve deeper into the mystery, they learn. . . .they are clones of greatest criminals of the 21st century. Serenity is a giant science experiment and they are the subjects. Book one ends with the 4 breaking out of Serenity into the real world. The second and third books in the series don’t disappoint as the kids meet the criminals and masterminds they were cloned from and keep from being caught by Serenity’s security force, dubbed the “Purple People Eaters”. Clever plot device, the kids being cloned from criminals with no parents to slow them down in their chase to expose the Osiris Project.


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